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News Archive 2004

19.12.04 International dog show, Rostov-na-Donu, Russia
BB, CACIB, BOB welsh-corgi-pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA Shannie (judge I.Culibaba, Russia)
Best Junior, junCAC pharaoh hound SIPHRAS WILD LIFE Teppo (judge C.Shtefanesku, Romania) and a wonderful winning at the final - Res.BEST-in-SHOW (junior)!!!
Our showstar Pongo returned to the ring after having puppies with signal success:
BB, CACIB, BOB BIG-I pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge C.Shtefanesku, Romania) 
BIS brace competition BIS - III SIPHRAS WILD LIFE & POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge Z.Brankovic, Yugoslavia)

06.12.04 Dreams DO come true! The first Swedish bred pharaoh hound from the Top-Winning world kennel moved to our place! Little Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road lives at our kennel now! We cant find a way to express our thankfulness to her breeder Maria Westman and our joy of having the dog we were dreaming about for such a long time! Welcome, Monica!

05.12.04 International Dog Show Winner-2004, Helsinki, Finland
2 excellent Siphras Wild Life (judge L.P.Teixeira, Portugal)
It was the 1st time the Russian pharaoh was placed at the biggest (8700 dogs entered) European show! Well done, dear Teppo! Besides that, Teppo was chosen to present the Siphras kennel at the Progeny groups BIS, and though we didnt win it, our group was chosen for preplacement. See complete results here. We cant but mention that BIS went to a pharaoh hound from Sweden Faouziahs Bastet a great result!
We also want to say Thank you! to Britt-Marie Sundqvist and all our Scandinavian friends for the warmest welcome and making our trip pleasant and easy. We miss you, see you in January!

27.11.04 CAC show Sozvezdie-200404"
Best junior, junCAC Siphras Wild Life Teppo (judge M.Permyakov, Russia) 
- and a RUSSIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION title! Congratulations to our breeder Britt-Marie Sundqvist and to ourselves as well J

07.11.04 CAC show Derzhava-2004
Best junior, junCAC, BOB Siphras Wild Life Teppo (judge M.T.Fassio Duranda, Italy)

17.10.04 CAC show Lider & Prestige
BJ, junCAC, BOB, BIG-II pharaoh hound SIPHRAS WILD LIFE. It was Teppos first show in Russia and we are very pleased with the results! 

22.09.04 OUR PHARAOH HOUND LITTER IS BORN! The proud parents are CH Siphras Summrnight City and Pozahr v Kremle BankH-ta Kemt Hebetkhet Pongo. There are 2 amles and 4 females in this litter. Read more about our kids here >>>

14.09.04 We moved to a new flat and now live at the east of Moscow. Our new phone number is +7-095-467-85-25. You can use old numbers too.

05.09.04 International show Russia-2004, Moscow, Russia
, CACIB, BOB pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge N.Kharatishvili, Russia)

04.09.04 International show Moscow-2004, Moscow, Russia
, CACIB, BOB pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge G.Vandoni, Italy)

29.07.04 we imported two Pharaoh males from the best Finnish kennel. Welcome, Teppo & Whisky!
two of our dogs passed the antibodies test in Finland.
we visited the biggest PH specialty in Sweden and the famous Swedish Sighthound Specialty in Tammisvik (former Skokloster). Pictures of the winners and results here

21.07.04 at LEAST we mated our wonderful pharaoh hound Pongo with the greatest Finnish Top-Producer. Read more...

03.07.04 after a long break our dogs took part in two all-breed shows held by "Fauna" and "Lider" clubs - the most famous Russian doggy organizations. The rings of both shows were placed in a picturesque park in Malakhovka in the subberbs of Moscow. Our dogs seemed to miss shows greatelly, they were happy to show themselves again - and were on the Top as usual! 
Leader. BB, CAC welsh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge R.Khomasuridze)
BB, BOB, BIG-1 - pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge R.Khomasuridze)
"Fauna" BB, CAC - welsh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge Galiaskarova) BB, BOB, BIG-III - pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge A.Scherbakova, group - M.Gerasimova). 

14.12.04 the last show in 2003 "Cinologia" and out dogs lived up to our greatest expecytations! BB, CAC, BOB - wesh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge N.Gapanyuk)
BB, BOB - pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge R.Khomasuridze). 

16.11.03 and another International show - "Minsk-2003", Belarus. Our "sweet couple" has excellent results. BB, CACIB, BOB pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge P.Rehenek).  welsh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge P.RTehenek)

02.11.03 a show in Moscow "Derghava-2003" and we won in both breeds as usual! 
BB,, BOB welsh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge M.Polivanov)
BB, BOB, BIG-II pharaoh hound POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET (judge M.Polivanov)

26.10.03 After having a short rest we went to the Inyternational show "Chernozemye 2003 which took place in Voronezh, Russia. Both dogs were placed very high: 
, BB, CACIB, BOB - welsh corgi pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA (judge H.Lee, Norway)

13-14.11.03 After a long long break our corgi Shannie took part in the Internatiomal Dog Show in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia - and had much success!!! Here are her new titles:
, BB, CACIB, BOB - welsh-corgi-pembroke PISHANEL ANGELIKA.

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