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(CH Siphras Revival * CH Magicways Min for Siphra)

Whisky at 3.5 months

Were very happy that now Whisky lives in our kennel. His arrival was a surprise even for ourselves, but when we saw him for the first time we just couldnt but take him! We like not only his outlook and the pedigree, but his temperament as well. Besides that Whisky suits our breeding programe very well and we are going to use him at stud in our kennel.
Whiskys father is a new Finnis star who has already got his Finnish and Swedish CH titles? And his mother is one of the best Scandinavian bitches.
Whisky is a puppy now, but we feel kie showing hima few times this year. We are also going to visit european shows with Whisky but he needs to grow up! 


CH Siphra's Revival  CH Shema´s Mia American Flyer  CH Shema´s Mia Arrowshaft
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CH Scheik's Orchid
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Neferkare Ramses el Kabul 

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