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About us

Our professional kennel Reedly Road works with two rare breeds Pharaoh Hound and Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Since 1992 we also breed Rough Collies. Unfortunatully in 2000 we tragically lost our beloved collie CH Life Spring Dominique Taffy and took a hard decission to stop breeding and showing this breed. But our famous Nicksand Dale Dream Juice one of the best collies in Russia is still living with us as a family pet. She is healthy and in a good mood and sends best wishes to her all fans.

Pharaoh hound is the main breed in our kennel. We were charmed by a wonderful combination of the beauty and strength, thier perfect outlook and nice character and still adore thier inside and outside beauty. We try to do our best to populize this very rare breed in Russia. A true star of our Kennel POZHAR v KREMLE BANKH-TA KEMT HEBETKHET Pongo has already got famous in Russia and abroad and presents the brred in this country.

In 2001 funny Welsh Corgi Pembroke joined our family its a small breed with charming outlook and a wonderful character. Welsh Corgi is a rare breed in Russia, but were absolutelly sure they will be very popular soon.

Our dogs took part in the biggest Russian and foreign shows always with excellent results. They have won more than 20xCACIB, got 15 titles of National Champions, were placed BIG and BIS for a few times and have more that a hundred titles of BOB and Best Junior.

All our dogs live in the house with us and we consider them to be wonderful family pets. They have strong nervious system, like to travel with us, comunicate with stranges and children easily. Weve never used professional training but our dogs like to study in everydays life and we consider this treat of character to be very important for any dog.

All our dogs are absolutelly healthy and pass through the yearly observation in clinique. We use the best european vaccinas and other medicine. We are planning to test all our show dogs for rabbies according to the new text accepted by the EU in Finalnd this year. We use AllSystem and Bio Groom products for everyday care and for shows.

We are alwys ready to contact with breedes and other dog loves and will be happy to answer all the questions about our dogs and these breeds.

Evteeva Maria

You can always:

  • write us an e-mail
  • give us a call +7-926-239-3939 (Russian, English)
  • write us a letter 115573 Russia, Moscow, Musy Jhalilia str. 38-1-37

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