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Junior champion of Russia, Slovenia, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Balkan countries, Lithuania, Belarus,
Junior Russian Club Winner, Junior Lithuanian Club Winner
Russian, Swedish, Irish, Italian, Lithuanian, Slovenian, Byelorussian, Ukrainian,  Moldavian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Macedonian Champion, CACIBs in Finland, Italy, France and Switzerland,
International Champion, 40xCACIB
4xCAC in Sweden
BOB "Eurasia-2007", "Eurasia-2008"

owner Julia Makarenko, Moscow, Russia

He is the best, he is the TOP! Chips was shown for the first time at 5 months - and what a great show career he has got by the age of 2 years! The top winning PH in Russia and one of the most successful young males in Europe. He's the first and the only Russian pharaoh who gained Swedish championship by winning 3xCCs at Swedish specialties and International shows.
We show Chips all over Europe and proud of his recent winnings in Finland, Sweden, Italy, France and Switzerland.
Need we say we are so so proud of our Chips The Globetrotter! Our thanks to Chips' owners Julia and Ivan for taking such great care of our boy!

EuroWinner, 3 years

2 years

15 months

18 months

15 months

Reedly Road Beefeater in Sweden handled by Marc Linner, "Awbari"


Swedish Champion, Russian CH
Champion Int
Junior World Winner

Farao Anubis Kahiro (Sweden)
Swedish Champion
Junior World Winner
Antefas Menkhar 
3xWorld Winner, 3European Winner, USA Champion, GB Shampion, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordic Winner
Farao Anubis Ramses
Swedish Champion
Puresesence Dandaloo Doowi
3xWorld Winner,3European Winner, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordic Winner
Antefas Kahira
Swedish Champion
Antefas Hapi
Swedish Champion, Nordic Winner International Champion
Antefass Farah Dibah
International Champion
Russian Champion, Ukrainian, Belorussian, Estonian, Moldavian CH

Pozhar v Kremle Bank'H-ta Kemt Hebetkhet
Russian Champion
Scheiks Nefrhoteb
International Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordic Winner
Beltaras Leewards Khalil
Scheik's Hacienda
Champion Int, Multi Champion
Imharref-Holma of the Netherlands
European Winner, Swedish Champion International Champion
Antefas Jabbah-Kaa
World Winner
Nl, Bel, Dk, Ger Champion
International Champion

Shamu-Amenjura of the Netherlands

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