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Swedish Champion, Russian Champion, Estonian Champion, International Champion,
Belorussian Champion, Bulgarian Champion, Lithuanian Champion, Ukrainian Champion

CRUFTS-2002 Winner, Junior World Winner-2001
Swedish Lure Coursing Champion,
Res. TOP pharaoh in Sweden 2003
at Tammsvik-2003

dob: 14.08.2000

Owner Maria Westman, Farao Anubis, Sweden

The famous winner, one of the best European pharaohs is in Russia now!



Pi is staying in our kennel for a while, hell live in Russian till December 2006. We plan to mate some bitches in our kennel with Pi during this period. We have to stress that we dont plan to use Pi in Russia outside Reedly Road kennel.

While staying in this country Pi wil be show a lot here, not only in Russia but abroad as well. We are absolutely sure hell add some Russian titles to his collection see him at all important shows in Russia this year! 

He has the character one can only dream about. He joined our crew easily, has already occupied a place at my bed and started studing Russian. Now Monica has somebody to talk Swedish to.

Pis coming to Russia is a great honor and joy for us. My very big thanks to Maria Westman for letting me have Pi, for her friendship and trusting us.

Welcome to Russia, Pi!


Junior World Winner
Swedish Ch

Antefas Menkhar
3 World Winner
3European Winner
UK Champion, USA Champion, Swedish Champion

Farao Anubis Ramses
CH Kbir Ramses El Kabul
CH Enigma Shining Hickory
Swedish Champion
Puresessence Dandaloo Doowi
H Antefas Hakem
CH Antefas Joppedi-Joppeda
3World Winner
3European Winner
Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordic Winner

Antefas Kahira
Swedish Champion
Antefas Hapi
CH Merymut Adonis
CH Antefas Farah Dibah
Swedish Champion
Antefas Farah-Dibah
CH Antefas Bchepherure
CH Antefas Crio-Sphinx

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