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Bucks County Kennel Club, Inc. - Saturday 05/03/08

PHARAOH HOUNDS. 12 to 18 Months Dogs.
1/W/B/BW 9 REEDLY ROAD DEEP BLUE. HP27933301. 03-28-07
(3 Points)   By DC Farao Anubis Ramses SC - Ch Farao Anubis On Reedly Road.
    Owner: Darya & Alec Anuka., Plainsboro, NJ 085361910. Breeder: Maria Evteeva.
Bred by Exhibitor Dogs.
1/R 11 XO EZ. HP13333704. 06-06-04
    By Ch XO Spectacular Spectacular - Ch Faouziah's Bohemia SC.
    Owner: Ronald Frank & Desiree Frank., Garnet Valley, PA 190611431. Breeder: Lori Evans.
A 19 FOREST HILLS TEHEN KIA'S PI KA SAU. HP 23876801. 12-15-06
    By Ch River's Dream Of Forest Hill - Ch Jomra's Mystic Tehen Kia JC.
    Owner: Howard Foster & Joe Prater., Cardington, OH 433159522. Breeder: Joe Prater & Howard Foster.
Open Dogs
A 15 KAMARAJ NERAK KHERONORNORO. HP 22536611. 07-20-06
    By Kamaraj Baharia Ibn Ramz - Kamaraj Ahhi Nephthys.
    Owner: George Molloy & Lizbeth Molloy., Staten Island, NY 10309. Breeder: Marilyn M Smith.
Bred by Exhibitor Bitches.
1/W 8 XO'S IDEAL. HP 24984004. 03-10-06
    By Ch Sovrin Superman SC - Ch Katobi's Kryptonite SC.
    Owner: Lori Evans., Garnet Valley, PA 190611431. Breeder: Lori Evans.
Best of Breed Competition.
  7 CH HALLAM'S BEKENKHONS RA QENA. HP 08763811. 01-28-04
    By Ch Farao's Anubis Ramses - Kanaraj Qena-Saqqara. Dog.
    Owner: Dominic Carota & Dr S Sipperly & N Sowerbutts., Selkirk, NY . Breeder: Dominic Carota & Dr Stephen Sipperly.
    (Stacy Snyder-Work, Agent).
    By DC Farao Anubis Ramses SC - Ch Mia-Churuka Unchained Melody JC. Bitch.
    Owner: Nancy Sowerbutts., Medford, NJ 080559642. Breeder: D Carota & S Sipperly & L Witt & N Sowerbutts.
  17 CH KAMARAJ RADAMES ON BROADWAY RN JC. HP 15731906. 05-04-05
    By Ch Kamaraj Baharia IBN Ramz JC - Ch Kamaraj Ahhi Nephthys SC. Dog.
    Owner: Roman & Lynne E Tatarowicz., Titusville, NJ 08560. Breeder: Marilyn Smith.

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