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Am CH Reedly Road Deep Blue "Pharuz"

(CH Farao Anubis Ramses CH Farao Anubis Fariba on Reedly Road)
 Pharuz, male, dob.28.03.07 owner D.Anuka (USA)

Little Pharuz is one of our favorite puppies. He's living in suburbs of New York with our friends Dasha and Alec Anubka. Pharuz has no time to bore - his friends The Cat and Ron the Airdale, the backyard, obedience classes and the forest full of deer require his weariless vigil! To say nothing of dog shows of course: Pharuz has already gained a few BW and BOB titles and his first points.

Reedly Road Desperado & Reedly Road Deep Blue, 13 months
In April 2008 Pharuz stayed at our place for two weeks, and we got the opportunity to make certain with our own eyes what a beautiful dog he is. Pharuz is a great mover with perfect body construction. AS for his character he's still a sweet tender puppy :) We are very proud of our boy and miss him dearly!

Many pictures of Pharuz at his personal website and at the photo site of his owners


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