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It's not very often that we show Reedly Road breeder's group - since 2004 we did it only 5 times. But the results make us feel proud indeed!

"Eurasia-2008" (CACIB) - BIS-I, judge Bas Bosch (Netherlands)

RR Desperado, RR Beefeater, RR Discovery, RR Debellatore

"Stolitsa-2008" (CAC) - BIS-I, judge Levente Miklos (Hungary)

RR Beefeater, RR Desperado, RR Bubble Gum

EuroWinners Show-2009, Dublin - BIS-II, judge C.Beattie (Ireland)

CACIB, Ozolneki, Latvia- BIS-II, judge Roberto Schill (Romania)

RR Beefeater, RR Desperado, RR Discovery, RR Balantines - on a VERY cold day

"Eurasia-2007" CACIB - BIS-II progeny group

Pozhar v Kremle Bank'H-ta Kemt Hebetkhet, RR Beefeater, RR An Egypt Star (not pictures
RR Balantines, RR Black Barrel)

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